Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I've been undecided about which of the Dems I'd like support for president. Naturally, on Super Super Duper Duper Tuesday, I'll vote again for the elfin vegan wonder Dennis Kucinich. Go ahead, laugh. But voting is quite possibly the only thing in this world I'm not cynical about, so I'll tick off the box for the lefty shit starter who speaks his mind, even if he wouldn't be elected president if he were the last presidential candidate on earth (or could he beat Lyndon LaRouche?). What can I say? I like his moxy.

But which of the mainstream candidates do I hope will get the nomination? I probably agree with some of "Supercuts" Edwards' ideas, but he leaves me feeling... greasy. Obama's a charmer, to be sure, but he hasn't held my interest. I still don't know how I feel about Russ' puppy love for Richardson. So that basically leaves Hil. I don't love her, and, in fact, she often rubs me the wrong way. But I think she does okay given the chauvinistic ways of the press. And if she wins, my friend HJE will owe me $50 smackaroos!

Anyway, I just stumbled upon this site called VoteMatch. You answer a series of policy questions and they'll tell you which of the candidates is your best match. Computers already manage 99.99999% of my life, so why not bump that up to 100%?

Hold on while I give it a whirl............................

Aha! Check out my results. Sorry Brownback!

Check it out at VoteMatch.com.


Sean said...

Alright. Here's what I don't understand about your system. Why hasn't every sensible Democrat registered to vote in the republican primaries?

Lets face it there isn't that much to get excited about among the likely Democrat contenders-- but the worst Democrat candidate will be better than most of the Republican candidates.

There is though, a HUGE difference between the best and worst republicans. I mean HUGE. Some of those retards make the big W look like a competent human being, while others of them might actually be okay.

The republicans chose wrong last time, they could do it again. They need your help!

Russ said...

Ok I took the test...and got the EXACT same results as R2B2!!!!

Great minds....vote for Kucinich???

Anonymous said...

R2B2, you totally rigged that test. C'mon. Admit it.