Friday, June 29, 2007

OK This Too Weird

This had to be more than a comment. The eerie intersection of the Johnsonville brand in our lives is....eeerie. And not the lake.

The other day I was at a friend's house (Kristy & Matt if you must know, who NEVER read this so I can talk about them) and they were grilling food as you do in the South with a capital S. Here it is known as grilling out and used as follows:

Me : "What did you do this weekend?"

Person from the South or Someone Well-Adapted to the South (eg, midwestern hoosiers; poor black from Up North): "Just had people over and grilled out."

Grilling out is NOT what my family did. Grilling out does not involve "marinade" or "coriander" or "viognier" or "tanqueray" or cous cous or asparagus or chortling English laughs. Drunkenness and some kind of card game...generally "May I."

Grilling out is a basic thing with a basic choice: burger, chicken, or hot dog. Oh and Bud or Bud Light and do you want a Falcons coozie on that beer.

So the other say I chose burger, as I usually do...but I'm always tempted by the hot dog. So after my bureger, when we were leaving, i picked up the one of the leftover hot dogs and took a bite. And it tasted EXACTLY like English breakfast sausage, my most craved and fantasized about food...who knew? all along there was this thing, this Johnsonville Beer Brat, just waiting for me, being German....misleadingly so....

Anyway so thank you Mr. Beer Brat Johnsntown. I love you. I have to go now because there are 2 brats left in the fridge.

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