Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm Getting an Edwardsy Aftertaste

Shit, now I just finished Matt Bai's piece in last Sunday's Times magazine about John Edwards's poverty platform and I'm all Edwardsy again. He can't help seeming smarmy, and he cares about poor people! And he has an actual plan! And he's "auhentic" and "genuine"! Except for the $400 haircut and the claim that his dream job is mill supervisor!!

Why oh why am I so easily led? Where is my backbone? I think it's because I care so much about this election and am so fucking desperate for the Democrats to win and have so little faith in thier ability to do so. I am picking candidates like a desperate gambling addict on the verge of losing everything who can't settle on a horse.

The bitch of it all is that just about the only Democrat I see virtually no good in is probably the one who will get the nomination. And you know who she is.


R2B2 said...

Russ, everyone I know who read that Times piece started feeling warm and fuzzy about Supercutz. Hair don't lie, though. Don't fall for it. Just kidding. Worse people have been president (witness almost every president in history!).

Anyway, I've been hearing some ppl who are tuned into the political machine say they really think Gore might run. Which would totally change the landscape, no?

Russ said...

Man, don't be yanking my chain. That would be awesome. The degree to which Hillary would be pissed and the degree to which he could actually do a great job is very exciting. I will just have to continue to block my memory of him emerging onto the stage at a Dem party picninc in 1992 to the strains of "You Can Call Me Al." He was dancing. Poorly.