Thursday, June 7, 2007

My Lolcat Revolution

I'm sure most people have by now become familar with the lolcats phenomenon. If not, the gist: people take or find cute/funny/humiliating photos of cats and add text to them, with the effect that the cat is saying something hilarious that goes with the photo. The cats speak in a semi-retarded and entirely plausible language to which lolcat creators strictly adhere. There are a few websites devoted to this cause, as well as a hilarious one devoted to lolpresidents (in which the semi-retarded language is even more appopriate due to the popularity of W on this site). The most popular lolcat site is this one.

Having little time on my hands but preferring to spend it on things such as this to, say, chores or any other kind of actual work, I naturally created several of my own lolcats. I submitted them to the aforementioned site OVER TWO WEEKS AGO, and while I am sure they get a lot of submissions, I am completely fed up with waiting. So I'm goiong to post them here occasionally. Starting now. This is Orangello, by the way.

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R2B2 said...

I's be tyrd of weitng 2.