Friday, June 22, 2007

Bad Georgia

This is a quick one. I was out for drinks with friends from work last night. There is a new Japanese place across the street from the bar we were at, and one of the people made a joke about how convenient it would be if you could go there and get your nails and/or dry cleaning done.

Give me fucking strength! The inability to differentiate between Asians upon viewing is one thing. I am done being annoyed by that. The inability to distinguish between stereotypes once the nationality is identified is, to an un-pc person like me, unfathomable and inexcusable. Get it saaright, people! I mean, I can't even begin to imagine HOW someone thinks that Japanese people typically work in dry cleaners and nail salons. Is it that they think all Asians are Japanese? I don't believe that for a second - everyone know that anyone who thinks all Asians are the same thinks they are all CHINESE, for god's sake. I really dn't know what else to say here.


R2B2 said...

The real question is, what kind of people trust that they could a good manicure at a place that also does dry cleaning? We're talking completely different skills sets here!

Russ said...

I know, you would leave with all your fingers tied together with twist ties and little designs painted all over your clothes.